The Search

Do something extra this Lent! Join us for The Search!

The Search is a multi-part video based spiritual experience from the producers of the FORMED online platform many of
us use for faith formation at St. Francis. The production is beautiful. The well-known Catholic evangelist Chris Stefanick
hosts The Search. But The Search is not meant just to be watched . . . and it’s certainly not meant to watched alone. That
is why we will host viewings along with dinner and provide an opportunity for discussion.
 If your faith is already solid, The Search will help you to deepen it.
 If you’re feeling unsure, it’s for you too.
 If you’re worried about your kids or grandkids, it’s a great series for you to share with them -- by bringing them
 If you struggle explaining our faith to others, it will help foster confidence.
The Search features scientists, artists, philosophers, and other people from all walks of life proclaiming how their searches for meaning in life led them to Jesus and the Gospel. There’s nothing quite like it in the Catholic world. The Search
proclaims the Gospel in words that modern ears are ready to hear and images that modern eyes can’t help but see and
remember. We will host The Search for 7 consecutive Sunday evenings beginning Sunday, February 27 at 5:00 pm.
Childcare will be available. Host a table by inviting a group up of up to 7 other people or let us assign you to a group.
To register, go to or email