St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School: Spanish

Alison Kutzler

Ms. Alison Kutzler

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.  In addition, the United States has the 2nd largest concentration of Spanish speakers in the world, more than Spain and 2nd only to Mexico.  The value of learning a new language for business, travel or simply understanding other people is undeniable in such a globally interconnected world.  I am looking forward to inspiring more students and opening new doors to them while learning about language and culture.

SFA students learn Spanish starting in preschool all the way through eighth grade. I strive to make Spanish classes fun, current, and with applicable vocabulary and conversational skills. Some of the awesome things we do in Spanish class are:

  • Go to Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant to practice food vocabulary and restaurant ordering in Spanish

  • Video-calling other elementary students from Spanish speaking countries with Mystery Skypes

  • Giving weather reports in Spanish on green screen

  • Building vocabulary

  • Singing songs

  • Learning the language as well as cultural elements ie:

    Lucha Libre and

    Mariachi music in Mexico

As a graduate of Cor Jesu high school and University of Illinois, I bring 10 years of teaching experience to SFA.  I have studied abroad in San Jose Costa Rica and Barcelona Spain.  I have my own youtube channel with original songs we sing during Spanish classes and book readings.  

About me:

Obviously I am passionate about Spanish and language learning, but what you may not know is that I also have diverse interests.  I am a CPR and First Aid instructor.  I love swimming and practicing Jiu Jitsu.  

In my opinion, what makes SFA a special place…

Their focus on cutting edge skills and information for today's society and the importance they place on being a good person while modeling Catholic virtues.  

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