St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School: Kindergarten

Erika Zambo

Mrs. Erika Zambo

"Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God."


 Hello! I am Mrs.  Zambo. Welcome to SFA’s Kinder Krew!

Kindergarten at St. Francis of Assisi is where children encounter the wonder and excitement of learning through the expansion and exploration of academics and faith. Throughout kindergarten, students will observe, think, draw, read and write about the world around them, and talk and participate in small and/or large group discussions. They will be introduced to mathematics through counting, measuring, comparing, sorting, ordering, 2-D and 3-D shapes, and addition and subtraction.  All students will engage in hands-on activities and project-based modules in both social studies and science curriculum. The Kinder Krew students also embrace the Catholic teachings through Catechesis of the Good Shepherd encounters, weekly Mass celebrations, and Adoration. 

   I am able to meet the needs of all students with the use of blended learning. Blended learning is a type of teaching where students become accountable for their own learning. My students can choose stations that meet their academic level and complete the assigned activities, with the help of a checklist, at a given time at their own pace. The children at SFA are supported in their learning throughout kindergarten and the later years by classroom teachers and a classroom aide, as well as, learning consultants, reading specialists, a paraprofessional educator, and specialty (Art, PE, Music, Spanish) teachers. Project-based, hands-on learning experiences help me provide an opportunity and environment that is most conducive to the development and growth of each of my students.

     The moment I walked into my own kindergarten classroom at 5 years old, I knew I wanted to be just like my teacher.  My teacher believed in me and told me “I could be anything that I wanted to be, as long as I put my mind to it.” From the young age of five, my journey to becoming a teacher began. I helped at my grandma’s daycare center, and babysat as soon as I was old enough. During my last two years of high school, I dual-enrolled at a Tech School for Child Care and my high school for the other part. Also, during the last two years I enrolled in Meramec and took pre-requisite classes for my education degree. After graduating high school, I went to Southwest Missouri State (Missouri State University) where I received a Bachelors of Science in Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood  Education. I worked throughout high school and college at various daycare centers. The most amazing part of my student teaching was that I was able to be placed with the teacher who believed in me from the beginning and instilled my love for teaching, my kindergarten teacher. My love for kindergarten continued to grow! I graduated in May 2005 and was certified to teach children birth to 3rd grade. In August 2005 I was hired to begin teaching at SFA as a preschool aide. 

     My teaching career began as a preschool aide and then I quickly became a preschool teacher. A few years later I accepted the kindergarten position. St. Francis quickly became my home! My husband, Matt, and I decided to move to the Oakville area so our own children, Logan and Maya would have the opportunity to experience the joy, love, and comfort that is received from Catholic education, as well. For the last 17 years our family has been part of the St. Francis community, through both the school and parish. We love spending time with our friends and family members from the parish. Our entire family has been blessed to be part of the St. Francis community. I pray that you, too, see the love that St. Francis has to offer. SFA, truly is a FAMILY!