Last night I got to watch 30 of the most amazing young people end one chapter of their lives and begin another. At the end of the evening they presented me with a very special gift. Each of them wrote me a letter. As I read each letter I was reminded how blessed I am to have
about 1 year ago, LoriAnn Carroll
letters from students
3rd Grade enjoyed their last arts integration class by using chalk to draw a picture out of shapes. Then they had to measure to find the perimeter!
about 1 year ago, Becky Wendl
 biggest shape
Update on Opera Explorers! There was information on Opera Theatre St. Louis' Opera Explorers Summer Camp program in the Newsletter. We have learned that SFA students can attend for FREE!!! When you go to sign up on the website listed below, please put "Des Lee" under payment. I will be teaching both weeks and would love to have some of our SFA students join the fun! If you have any questions, please let me know.
about 1 year ago, Michelle Shaver-Krus
Our 8th graders on their mystery trip. Can you guess where they are? They are enjoying these last days of school at SFA...we will miss them.
about 1 year ago, St Francis of Assisi School
class of 2022 mystery trip
May Crowning at SFA today!
about 1 year ago, Maureen Ederle
May Crowning
May Crowning
May Crowning
Happy Field Day
about 1 year ago, Claudia Peth
field day
Have a fantastic weekend, super second graders!
about 1 year ago, Jill Rado
Super Second Graders!
What a fantastic Field Day today!
about 1 year ago, Linda Wood
Playing Hard
Team Hawkeye
Thank you for all your help at the the Art Fair on Wednesday night!
about 1 year ago, Jane Vonder Haar
Thank you amazing teachers for a great Art Show . Thank you!!
Happy Friday!
about 1 year ago, Chris Mora
water bottle
Go Captain America!
about 1 year ago, Abby Pulliam
captain America team
Happy Friday!
about 1 year ago, Flo Paeper
SFA heart
Mary we crowned thee with blossoms today….
about 1 year ago, Beth Bartolotta
SFA May Crowning
SFA May Crowning
SFA May crowning
May crowning at St Francis of Assisi
May Crowning was beautiful today!
about 1 year ago, Gina Faust
Me. Peth
Happy Happy Friday!
about 1 year ago, Sarah Della Croce
field day
Awesome day today!!
about 1 year ago, Cate Smith
Kindergarten’s First Field Day
about 1 year ago, Erika Zambo
field day
Hey SFA. If you are done with dinner head out for some dessert at Oberweis for the SFA night fundraiser....there might be 4 quarts of ice cream in this bag...yum! Be sure to mention SFA when you order.
about 1 year ago, St Francis of Assisi School
SFA 8th grade Robotics students compete at the Clavius Project Robotics Jamboree @SLUH, with 29 other schools. SFA had a great showing and did an amazing job!!
about 1 year ago, St Francis of Assisi School
clavius 3
The chicks are here. We now have 6 new kindergarteners. Kindergarten has been learning about the chicken life cycle starting with the egg and now moving to the chicks. Super cool!!!
about 1 year ago, St Francis of Assisi School
the chicks