Shiny Hallway Floor

Have you ever wondered what happens in the summer after the students have left school for vacation?  

Well, the short answer is a lot!!

Depending on the summer there are dozens of different projects and tasks, both big and small that occur during the summer at SFA.  

Last summer we built out 7 new Learning Suites.  This summer we are adding new furniture and a genius wall to the 7th-grade homeroom Learning Suite (Rooms 21/23 on the second floor).  This is where we hosted Summer Essay Boot Camp. The furniture came in already and the new construction in the room will occur on July 21 and 22.

The new Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) Atrium is being furnished and built out on the first floor.

We hosted Vacation Bible School (VBS) with over 50 participants over the 5-day event. The school hosted the St Louis County Police Department K-9 team as they practice in real-life buildings and continue to train the K-9 officers (the dogs and the humans).  We hosted the Litzinger Road Ecology Center Sustainable Schoolyards cohort workshop, both in the Learning Commons and in the School Garden.

The gym still gets used as the Parish Center for things like Fr Morris’ First Mass reception, the VBS, and Faith-filled Coffee during the summer.

New classroom supplies, textbooks, office supplies, workbooks, and just a bunch of other things come in, get sorted, and distributed through the building.  

Teachers come in and work on next year's lessons, classrooms, and professional development.

However, if all of this is not enough, one of the biggest tasks each summer is cleaning and waxing the floors, hallways, and stairways, and cleaning classrooms.  At some point during the summer, every desk, table, and chair gets moved in each and every classroom.  The floors are cleaned and waxed so they shine on day one of the new school year. Once the waxing is complete everything gets moved back to its original spot,   This is always a big task.  

So to answer the question again…a lot goes on during the summer as we get ready for day one of the new school year.  

The first day of school is Wednesday, August 17, 2022.  The school building will once again be ready for its students!